Tarra Corporation buys maize in large quantities from local farmers & small holder agents, then handles quality, storage, processing, packaging, transportation and supply of a high quality maize products (Maize Flour) and a maize by-product (Maize Bran) to customers nationwide and in regional markets

Maize cultivation

Tarra keeps a 10-acre maize garden, aiming at high yield per acre each season

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Maize Pre-Harvesting steps with Kasimoni Maize Factory

Each season comes with examining maize yield, prices, and labour requirements

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Maize Harvesting by Kasimoni Maize Factory Kyankwanzi06

Our maize threshing machine works in the farmers’ gardens, to speed up removing maize grain from the cobs

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Maize Collection by Kasimoni Maize Factory Kyankwanzi07
Grain Transportation

Transportation from the farmer’s place to the store

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Maize Drying at Kasimoni Maize Factory
Drying maize grain in the sun

The company keeps a 10-acre maize producing farm, growing each season. Using inputs that are environmental sustainable, while aiming for high production

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Maize Packaging at Kyankwanzi
Packaging grain in sacks

From farmers’ gardens maize is transported to the store for further quality control measures

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Maize Stock Taking at Kyankwanzi Store
Maize Stock-taking

Weighting each bag of Maize and recording the Stock figures before storage

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Maize Storage facility in Kyankwanzi
Warehousing dried maize

We have a warehouse for dried grain, keeping it under right temperature and relative humidity, watching out for inherent moisture pests and diseases.

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Processing and Packaging maize flour
Processing maize flour

Tarra processes & packages its own maize flour (Mzuri Flour) & by-product (Mzuri Bran) on-site

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Marketing for maize products

For marketing we produce brochures, make phones calls to potential clients, brand our working gear

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Kasimoni Maize Flour
Transportation of flour

Maize milling process to produce high quality maize flour

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Supply by KasimoniMaizeFactory
Supply of maize products

Supply and delivery of product to our customers across Uganda

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