About Tarra

Welcome to Tarra Corporation.

We (registered company as Tarra Limited) own, operate & maintain a large maize business at maize storage facility, built on 5-acres of land located in central Uganda, about 120 KM from Kampala (capital city), along the Kampala-Hoima highway in Kyankyanzi District.

We have an opportunity for investors, and an offer to invest & get returns within the first year of operations, on their investment, helping us drive our company into its phase two operations – turning a maize storage and supply business into a large scale maize processing plant. The plant sit on land owned by the directors, all totalling about 170 acres.

The investment money will enable us to increase the tonnes of maize to 700 tonnes processed per quarter (4 months), expanding our current maize storage facility into a full-time maize processing, packaging and flour exporting business.

Our strategy is to produce maize on the 170 acres we already have, and on top of that buy the maize produced in the district and neighboring communities, which are already well known for producing large quantities of maize each season. Our storage facility is large enough to hold 700 tonnes at a time.

The process the grain into flour, Package it in our label and quality process, and finally supply high quality maize flour product and bran to our already established and test supplied clients in Uganda. There ready market in Kenya as well, with Kenyan business people in contact. We can open supply routes to Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan (East Africa) in case of surplus flour.