The Tarra Limited is registered company in Uganda (Company No.173772) and is actively trading maize flour and maize grain. We have a maize factory site located at Plot B, Block 786, Kasimoni village  in Kyankwanzi district.

Our focus is on developing farmer networks for sustainable  maize production and supply, in order to meet the food demands in the East African region.

We aim to make attractive returns on investment for our investors, and our product lines are easy to scale.

We rely on specialized software systems, industry technological equipment and skilled human resource to manage the business.

Our Strategy

We started Tarra in 2013, with a sense of optimism about agrculture and the future of food production in Arica. Technological innovations in management, marleting and suatainability of agriculture present new opportunities for growth in the industry. This is our unique strenth.

By applying technology, holding ourselves to standards & professional methods of work we absorb most of the products of our producers, while using systems to find markets.

One of our mutual interests with society is the economic growth – the creation & maintenance of wealth.

Our multi-dimension approach in place, buttressed by continuously developing our capacity through well-informed investment & capitalization strategy & re-investment mechanism, we are in agriculture to build people through business.