Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

We started Tarra to invest in Agriculture, with research and technology as the drivers for the future. There is immense power to tap in the technological era, and the opportunities that it has put before us to grow people and communities.

Tarra is therefore here to fully develop the range of opportunities in Agriculture production and processing. The aim is to provide an integrated scope for a company, in which culture, interests, talents & visions of people can interface. We hold the desire to see our native cultures metaphase to corporate environment in a way that taps the foundations of knowledge, discipline, professionalism & faith – a desire to see African enterprise of world class ranking.

Coming of age in a time of an African renascence, I contend that our tradition has not been deeply rooted in the professional world – this is the first time for people like me, find & to organise professional entities. My desire is that we make it real good – for us & for posterity.

What we have learned in social culture, in faith & in education can be made of substance by individually distilling that knowledge into the way of life we want. By holding ourselves to professional standards, methods & concepts, we not only correctly absorb the passions of our time, but we also get well prepared for a fiercely innovation future, and define the way of life we want.

One of our mutual interests is the economic imperative – the creation & maintenance of wealth.

With a multi-dimension economic masterpiece in place, buttressed by formations, companies & organisation that are specialized & continuously developing capacities, a well-informed