Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values

Tarra is a Research & Design company, to forward innovation through research, technology, expertise and investment. Tarra invests and owns companies positioned in key sectors, which work with expertise to produce goods, services and value in their respective markets.

Our subsidiary companies are established as a product of research themselves, and are specialized in their prospective fields. Tarra provides an oversight role in terms of strategy, research, and management, and conducts core industrial research, providing quality analysis from data to support to its subsidiaries.

Strategic Vision

  • to forward innovation through research & technology



  • To be a research engine that will drive economic growth for our companies and clients, sustaining social transformation in Africa. We’ll do this through values and research in process engineering technologies.

Our Corporate Values

  • Attentiveness to detail
  • Understanding the process
  • Learning, communication & humility
  • No weeds