Maize Growing

Maize Growing

Tarra Corporation values efficiency – even in land use. We maintain a 10-acre maize garden, on which we practice input/ output mathematics.  We grow maize on this farm and aim for highest yield per acre, each season. The lessons we get, we share with our farmer network.

Our maize factory is always open for purchases, processing and supply business

Our maize prices

  • Wholesale price  (buying at our store & incur your own transportation)
  • Retail price ( we deliver to your destination, our transportation cost)

Quantities available – our supply capacity

  • January – 100 tons
  • February – 200 tons
  • March      – 300 tons

Providing scale in;

  • Maize production
  • Maize stocking
  • Maize storage
  • Post-harvest handling & quality control
  • Maize supply

Our maize store is located at Kasimoni village, approximately 115 km from Kampala city, along Kampala-Hoima highway – about 2 hours’ drive from Kampala city.

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