Maize Value Chain

Our maize value-chain & repetitive processes

Understanding the steps, tasks, transactions, processes and costs involved in our maize flour production operations up and down the value chain helps us plan better, try and improve the process. We’re constantly looking at ways to eliminate time wasting procedures.

It starts with communication. Either by phone, when our agent calls the farmer, or the farmer calls our business numbers distributed with company goods received notes upon sale, receipts or business cards of our agents. The farmer also comes directly to the store on foot, bicycle, boda boda or send a child or wife to the store to inquire if we’re buying maize and if we are, at what price. The initial communication establishes maize grain availability, location and price.

  • Moving to farmer’s home to inspect maize harvest
  • Negotiating price per Kg
  • Threshing maize grain from cobs at farmer’s place, in one or more collected heaps garden
  • Packing threshed maize into
  • Weighing farmers maize
  • Buying maize from villages on a farmers to farmer basis
  • Loading maize purchased from farmers’ garden onto transportation truck
  • Transportation of maize grain from farmer to Kasimoni Maize Factory
  • Offloading maize from  the truck  at Factory
  • Maize preparatory steps
    • Drying
    • Cleaning
    • Storage
  • Milling steps
    • Shelling
    • Milling
  • Bagging/Packaging (5 Kg, 10 Kg, 25 Kgs)
  • Storage of finished flour product
  • Physical Stock taking
  • Loading sold maize products onto the truck
  • Cash/Payments handling
  • Mobile Money Charges
  • Cost of electricity per unit
  • Miantenance/ machinery servicing costs on a monthly basis
  • Parts and replacements for machinery